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Virginia Semiconductor Inc.
Virginia Semiconductor Inc.
"The World's Leading On-line Source for Silicon Wafers &
Substrates Since 1997."
Virginia Semiconductor: Custom Silicon Wafer Manufacturer
Custom Silicon Wafer Manufacturer
Virginia Semiconductor is a fully integrated custom silicon wafer manufacturer serving customers across the world. Our silicon wafers are made from scratch making it easy to repeat specifications from batch to batch and quickly fix any issues that occur.

We are a leading manufacturer of prime silicon substrates, offering production quantities of 1-150mm diameter silicon and small quantities of custom silicon substrates. We also offer SOI substrates that range from 25.4mm to 150mm.

In addition to the common products and sizes, we can make any silicon wafer to any specification, including small, complicated orders. This includes crystal growth, grinding, slicing, lapping, polishing, oxidation, and SOI.

In Stock Silicon Wafers

Virginia Semiconductor carries both Single Side Polished (SSP) and Double Side Polished (DSP) wafers available in stock. These wafers range from one to six inches in diameter with other specifications available. Click here to view all in stock wafer options .

VSI Stock Crystal

We also carry several sizes of VSI stock crystal, mostly ranging from one to six inches in diameter. Click here to view our VSI stock crystal options or contact sales@virginiasemi.com with inquiries.

ULTRATHIN ® Silicon Wafers

Our award-winning, trademarked ULTRATHIN ® silicon wafers can be produced as thin as 8-12um for DSP wafers and as thin as 90um for SSP wafers. These thin wafers can also be ordered with specific oxidation levels to suit your needs. Click to learn more about our ULTRATHIN ® silicon wafers .

Find The Product You're Looking For

Haven't seen what you're looking for? We offer a wide range of in-stock and customized products. You can search our inventory to find the specific product you need here or contact us with questions or a custom order by emailing sales@virginiasemi.com or calling 540-373-2900.

We know that there are other Custom Silicon Wafer Suppliers out there. Our advantage is that we are a fully integrated Custom Silicon Wafer Manufacturer. We make the silicon wafers from scratch, this means we can easily repeat the specifications from batch to batch, easily assist should a problem occur with the wafers, and our silicon expertise can help in unlimited ways. Since 1997 Virginia Semiconductor has been the Worlds #1 On-Line Source for Custom Silicon Wafers & Substrates. We were the very first offering an internet shopping cart written specifically for silicon wafers. Since 1997 we have added to and modified the site to include a virtual factory, a technology library, and a global distribution network, just to name a few. We look forward to working closely with our new and old customers providing the complete package of custom-repeat manufacturing and off the shelf stock with quick delivery Silicon Wafers.